6/3   Stopped into a Royal Canadian Bank, in Potage la Prairie, and Sherie said we could get an account so we signed up; now we’ll have to wait until Saskatoon, to find a Rogers store and hopefully get a Canadian hotspot.
Anyhow, This took all morning and we finally hit the road about 1 pm and headed towards Yorkton, Saskatchewan on the Yellowhead Hwy (Rt 16) [ the Yellowhead Hwy is named for the secret trail of its namesake, a blonde Iroquois Métis guide Pierre Bostonais who was know as “Téte Jaune” (translates as Yellow Head). The country along the way is basically flat, but picturesque, as it was in Manitoba and Minnesota, although it gets more like a billiard table as we go west and Saskatchewan makes Minnesota look like the Rocky mountains. Camped at the City of Yorkton Campground which has very nice secluded sites and beautifully landscaped, the only negative, the showers are the pits.