7/10   Continued the drive down Parks Hwy on a nice sunny day but smoke-haze and clouds obscured Denali so we decided to forego another trip into Denali Park – it could never match our first trip with beautiful views of the

Bull Moose

Bull Moose

mountain and an abundance of wild animals popping up. But we did pass a young bull moose further down Parks Hwy.

In trying to plan a trip to Kodiak Island we talked to a ferry agent to get reservations but the agent told us that all spaces were booked for next two weeks which would mess up our timing so we are unfortunately scratching Kodiak.

Camped at Klondike RV Park in Anchorage, a cramped commercial park where we were lined up like sardines. On our first trip we stayed in a really great park but apparently Anchorage’s growth gobbled it up because it no longer exists