Daily Archives: May 28, 2015


5/28   An unremarkable day. We meandered along interstate 90 form NY into PA, OH and finally into MI. Camped on the shores of Lake Erie at Sterling State Park, Monroe, MI. A very nice park but buggy, buggy, buggy.


5/27  Somewhat of a lost day. We pitzed around Syracuse looking for a kitchen faucet, mailing a dvd back to the library, getting maps from AAA, and similar mundane chores. The faucet needs to be replaced since the original one developed a leak and my temporary fix was awkward. The problem finding a replacement is that most faucets stick out way too far for the camper’s small sink – great for washing floors but not so for dishes. Finally found one at Home Depot which should do the job; although installing it will be a bear since there is almost no room to get under the sink. Eventually, we managed to get back on the road and reached Lake Erie State Park, a very pretty campground on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie, in Brocton, NY. Managed to set up and get comfortable before a very strong line squall dumped buckets of rain for about a half and hour. Later, after the rain cleared out, there was a really spectacular sunset.

5/25 -5/26

5/25 – 5/26  Southwick Beach State Park, on the shores of Lake Ontario,is a small, but very nice park. Although it was completely full over the Memorial Day weekend, when we pulled in, Monday afternoon there were very few campers and it was quiet and delightful. We had a very nice lunch with our friend Steve Robinson who lives near Waterown.