Daily Archives: June 2, 2015


6/1   Spent most of the morning shopping, paying bills online, making photo copies of our living wills and health care proxies, going to the Post Office and similar menial but necessary tasks. Left Duluth around 1:00 and drove Rt 2 to Bemidji where we stayed at the KOA campground. Most of the time we avoid commercial campgrounds because we have found that State Parks, County Parks and National Forests offer nicer accommodations in generally prettier locations and are usually less expensive. However, every now and then laundry needs to be done and the facilities in commercial campgrounds are just more convenient.


5/31   Woke up this morning to a rousing 33°, at least it promises to get into the 50’s later. Drove along Rt. 2 and decided to branch off onto Rt.13 which was touted as being a National Scenic Highway with good views of Lake Superior. It was a great disappointment, pretty yes but not worth the detour or the additional hour of driving, and most of the time the lake was hidden by the trees.

St Louis River, Jay Cooke Sate Park

St Louis River, Jay Cooke Sate Park

Camped on the banks of the St Louis river at Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton, MN. What an incredibly wild river, the recent rains have made the rapids even more ferocious – probably too rough for rafting but what a raft ride it would be.