Daily Archives: June 3, 2015


6/2 Rain on and off all day, sometimes just sprinkles other times deluges. At least The farmers are happy since the spring was too dry for seeds to sprout, now they are re-seeding and the land is turning green.

Minnesota Farm Field

Minnesota Farm Field

I had forgotten how rich the soil is throughout Minnesota, it looks as though anything would grow without much effort. Farming is difficult and backbreaking even with this soil but the region is a basket of plush farms; unfortunately, mostly corporate farms of many thousand acres. Not too many family farms left.

Finally entered Canada, just in time for another rain squall. Stayed at the Winnipeg KOA because there were no Provincial parks within a reasonable distance of our route. From here on travelog updates will be spotty since internet access will be catch as catch can. We have been using a Verizon hotspot in the States but roaming charges are outrageous in Canada so we’ll have to make do with wifi hotspots at libraries and other public places.